Other Olympic sponsors

BP, Dow and Rio Tinto are not the only companies linked to the Olympics that are engaged in controversial activities.


Adidas is the official sportswear partner of London 2012 but workers making goods for the company experience poverty pay, abuse and exploitation. Sportswear companies Nike and Puma are also hoping to profit from association with the Olympics and they too are involved in abuse of workers. War on Want is campaigning to make them improve their practices.

Read War on Want’s Race to the Bottom report



Atos is the official IT partner of the London 2012 Games. Atos is also responsible for carrying out the UK government’s ‘work capability assessment’. Its unreasonable and unfair health testing programme is forcing thousands of sick people into poverty and despair.

See Disabled People Against Cuts 



BT is the official communications partner of London 2012. It is accused of complicity in violating Palestinian people’s rights through association with telecoms company Bezeq, which provides telecoms for illegal settlements in the West Bank.

See Hang Up on the Occupation


Coca Cola

Coca Cola has sponsored the Olympics since 1928. It is the target of a mass campaign in India for destroying livelihoods and communities through overuse and contamination of water. It has been implicated in human rights abuses in Colombia and has a history of union-busting.

See India Resource Centre



G4S is providing official security services to London 2012. It is parent company to ArmorGroup, which has been criticised for its activities in Afghanistan. G4S operates three immigration detention centres in the UK and is accused of maltreating detainees and people being deported.

See National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns



EDF rake in profits of £4million a day by driving our energy bills through the roof and forcing millions in the UK into fuel poverty. At the same time, EDF are aggressively pushing for unsafe and expensive new nuclear power stations which would pose a barrier to the clean, safe democratic and affordable energy system we need.

See Fuel Poverty Action



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