Olympic Protesters Arrested for Spilling Custard

Campaigners condemn heavy-handed policing of Greenwash Gold Award ceremony

A mock awards ceremony at the Olympic Clock in Trafalgar Square descended into farce today after police arrested six people taking part. Three people pretending to be corporate representatives from BP, Dow and Rio Tinto were awarded gold medals for being the worst corporate sponsors of the Olympics, before having small quantities of green custard poured over their heads. The good-natured performance took about 15 minutes and was clearly amusing a number of passers by.

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Sambhavna, by Joe Malone

Joe Malone has created a documentary about the Bhopal gas disaster and Dow Chemical's current responsibilities to the people of Bhopal. It also celebrates the Sambhavna Clinic, which provides free health care to victims of the Bhopal gas disaster and to the victims of the water contamination. The contamination is caused by the fact that the site of the disaster has still not been cleaned up.

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'Out damn logo!' BP sponsorship targeted by actor-vists

The Reclaim Shakespeare Company has stormed BP-sponsored stages twice this week, to expose the notorious polluter's attempts to greenwash its image through sponsorship of the arts and the Olympics.

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International Day of Action Against Dow Chemical

Today, the 27th June, international campaigners for justice in Bhopal are uniting around the world to take action against Dow Chemical. With one month to go to the London Olympics, demonstrators are marking this day by calling for Dow to be dropped as an Olympic sponsor. Actions will be taking place in India, the UK, the US and Canada.

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Greenwash Gold protest takes our message direct to LOCOG’s Head Offices

This morning, protestors from the London Mining Network, UK Tar Sands Network and the Bhopal Medical Appeal, the campaign groups behind the Greenwash Gold 2012 campaign, protested outside LOCOG headquarters.

After LOCOG’s constant refusal to meet any of the groups involved in the Greenwash Gold campaign about the London Olympics’ controversial corporate sponsors, we thought we should take our message right to their front door. We took giant dummy megaphones to project our message to the LOCOG offices.

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